Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery is the latest craze.

The latest fashion craze , this ready made tooth jewellery is available to everyone including the rich and famous. Fitting takes about 10 to 15 minutes is completely painless as there is no cutting of the tooth surface. The jewellery is just cemented onto your tooth, the design can be changed several times if you want to change your smile, or even go back to your original smile. Some designs include diamonds and also rubies, please specify which shape and if with diamond or ruby at time of ordering.

  • No Drilling
  • No Holes
  • Painless Does Not Harm Tooth
  • Temporary
  • Tooth Jewellery is the latest fashion accessory!
During a painless procedure, we fix a jewel on the tooth surface. The jewel does not damage tooth tissues and has no side effects except for the increased charm of your smile! Call it an oral fashion statement to stand out among ordinary mortals or simply an effort to blend in with the bold and the beautiful. If somebody thinks he or she was better off without tooth jewellery, it can be easily removed without any side effects on the dental tooth structure as the procedure is non-invasive. What's more, tooth jewellery can be fixed again at a later stage

What is tooth jewellery?

Tooth Jewellery is the latest fashion craze to hit the UK. Tooth jewellery classic designs are an elegant compliment to standard jewellery. When placed on the tooth, the jewellery creates a distinctive expression of one's individuality. There are 2 main types of tooth jewellery available: -

  • Twinkles:

    This is a collection of 24-carat gold and white gold jewellery. The jewellery is available in over 50 different designs with some including diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
  • Dental Gems:

    Are a range of glass crystals are available in nine different colours diamond, rainbow, ruby, sapphire, emerald, emerald green, aquamarine, pink, sapphire light.

Is the jewellery for males or females?

Both there are many different designs which appeal to everyone. Children under the age of 16 should have parental consent.

How do you apply them?

The dentist will use a dental adhesive to apply the Jewellery to your tooth.

Does the application procedure hurt?

NO! The procedure is similar to placing an orthodontic bracket on a tooth. There is no drilling involved and the procedure is completely painless

How long does the application procedure take?

The fitting procedure should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

How long will the jewellery stay on tooth?

The tooth Jewellery can last on your tooth indefinitely or for as long as you want it.

Will the tooth jewellery harm tooth?

When properly placed by a dentist, the tooth Jewellery will not damage or harm your tooth in any way. Tooth jewellery should only be applied to natural teeth.

How do I remove the tooth jewellery when I no longer want it?

If you would like to remove your tooth Jewellery the it can be taken off by a dentist at any time

How much does it cost?

Prices vary from design to design, ask your dentist for more information