do not remove the denture(s) for the first twenty-four hours; if the denture(s) is displaced, replace it immediately,

if sutures were used during the extractions, they will be removed in five to ten days,

do not smoke for the first twenty-four hours, sleep with the dentures in place until the first soft reline is completed; this is normally performed approximately six to eight weeks after the extractions; after the soft reline, you should remove your denture(s) while sleeping; the denture(s) should be placed in the denture container provided with a small amount of water when retiring at night,

the bony support and soft tissues are going to change rapidly and dramatically, therefore, your denture(s) will become quite loose in a short time; this will be treated by using a soft liner and a denture adhesive over the following six to twelve months; you may use a denture adhesive to aid retention beginning about two to four weeks after the extraction appointment.


for the first twenty-four hours, adhere to a liquid or soft diet; ENSURE, SEGO, NUTRAMENT and CARNATION INSTANT BREAKFAST are excellent meal substitutes,

at first, rely on your knife and fork for most of your chewing; eat slowly and deliberately; learn to chew bilaterally (both sides at the same time).


you may gently rinse your mouth with water to remove or reduce the bad taste during the first twenty-four hours; be sure dentures are securely in place and do not swish too vigorously,

after the first post-extraction office evaluation, you may remove the denture(s) to rinse your mouth and clean the appliance(s); use a weak salt water solution (1/4 tsp. to 8 oz. water) or a dilute solution of mouth- wash (I part mouthwash to 3 parts water) for rinsing; you may brush and rinse your denture(s) with tooth- paste and mouthwash as needed; reseat the denture(s) in your mouth immediately after cleaning,

clean your appliance over a bath basin that is partially filled with water (this will reduce the probability of breakage if you drop the appliance),

after a soft liner is placed, use a very soft brush and gently scrub the tissue bearing surface.


in approximately six to twelve months, you will have progressed to a point that a final denture can be fabricated with a predictable fit; until that time, we will work with you to provide the best fit and function available.